Monday, January 7, 2013

New day, new year

Study hard, exercise hard, craft hard. 

I will improve my overall health and fitness. I will fulfill my never-ending cravings to craft and create. I will dress my very best, for myself. I will study, write, and learn my way into a 4.0 and scholarship that will lead me into a graduate program of English. I will make time to read and expand my ever-growing mind. I will smile a lot; I will be kind to everyone, every chance I get. I will care for the environment. I will continue to recycle and encourage my family to do the same. I will choose environmentally-friendly approaches in my everyday life. I will write. and write. and write some more. I will not allow the pressures of society, the media, peers, or family to alter my thoughts, my beliefs, my views, or goals. I will improve each and every aspect, inch, and corner of my life. When I get lost or confused, I will turn to God- He never fails me. The most significant thing I plan to accomplish is giving- I will give to those less fortunate. I will give my smile, my strength, my shoulder to anyone in need. I will give my advice. I will give my love. Ultimately, in all aspects of my life, I will look to God to lead me, and with Him I am confident that I will be my best, do my best, and give my best. 


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