Saturday, January 19, 2013

DIY Painted Canvas

I had come across tons of DIY Canvas ideas on Pinterest for the longest time, and I so happened to be at Michael's strolling down each and every aisle.. and I ended up in the canvas aisle! I got super excited and decided to pick up a set of 2 and experiment!!!!

It's safe to say my first attempt at the canvas was a disaster..... BUT, the second attempt turned out great.

What you'll need:

  • A canvas, any size!
  • Newspaper
  • Sticker letters (I bought mine at OfficeMax)
  • Matte Mod Podge
  • Acrylic Paint (I get mine at Walmart.. the brand is called Apple Barrel)
  • Paint Brush
  • Sponge Brush/Paint Brush for Mod Podge application
  • A quote of your choice :-)
First you will need to cut up bits and pieces of newspaper- enough to cover the canvas. Then, generously brush the Mod Podge all over the canvas; as you are doing this, begin to place the newspaper and press down evenly. You will need to brush Mod Podge over the newspaper and that will seal the newspaper to the canvas! Allow to dry. It doesn't take more than an hour or two. Next, place the stickers on the canvas according to the quote that you desire, make sure they are pressed down nicely!! Begin to paint the entire canvas. Allow to dry for several hours. Lastly, peel off the sticker letters and your masterpiece is finished! Yay!

I didn't intend for the newspaper to crinkle up the way it did, nor did I want the paint to seep underneath the stickers. But I actually like the way it turned out, it doesn't look perfectly precise- it has character.



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