Saturday, January 5, 2013

Gift Wrap

One of the most exciting parts of Christmas is wrapping gifts!!! Yes! I get ridiculously ribbon and gift wrap happy. As you can see..

My current gift wrap obsession is the paper bag material. I just love the rustic look of it and you can add ribbon, bows, and any other little details your heart desires to make it more personal. I look at gift wrap as a way to express my personal taste and style, and the effort you put into it shows that you really care!

I was at Walmart, running through the aisles and knocking people down on my way to the shipping/packaging aisle.. Just kidding. But it is absolutely ridiculous how some folks act around Christmas time. Merry Christmas to you too, scrooge! -_- Back to my story.. I found a HUGE roll of this "paper bag" wrapping paper, so I snatched it and as you can see I went crazy with it.

With this particular gift, I used some of the leftover burlap I had from a project I had done. I made little hearts and I felt that they were the perfect little touch of personalization and creativity. I LOVE burlap.

I bought this very pretty gift wrap at Joann's when they were having an awesome Christmas sale. Again, I loved the paper bag material and the poinsettias; I added a twine bow for the perfect rustic touch.

I used a real paper bag for this one:

This gift was for one of the girls I nanny for! I added the glitter ribbon for a little fun and girliness, and a cute gift tag with mittens on it.

Bows! Ribbons!

 This gift was for my brother!

I am quite new to the gift-wrapping world, so I mainly experimented with these Christmas gifts and had some fun with them. I will continue to share my gift wrapping ideas with all of you as the year progresses! Happy Gift Wrapping! :o)

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