Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Ahhh, the holidays- the most wonderful time of the year! As cheesy as that is, it is so true. I really love Thanksgiving and Christmas time. The most beautiful part of this time of the year is all of the wonderful opportunities to give that come along with it. I have been blessed enough to come across some great options to give, and I am so happy that I did. 

In October, I was listening to my absolute favorite radio station- 99.5 WYCD Country!! Anyway, I heard the radio hosts announcing the Give Thanks. St Jude Walk. I was immediately extremely excited and reminded myself the whole way home to do some research. Once I got home, I should have started writing my paper, but I researched the St. Jude's Walk. I created a team and got a few of my girlfriends together to help me raise some money! And honestly, we didn't do half bad! I was really proud of myself and the money I was able to raise. It is honestly quite hard and time consuming to raise money with being in school and having a job, but it was so worth it and I'm glad that I did. Just knowing that I made a difference in one child's life is a really great feeling and achievement. So many times in life, we come across opportunities to help someone who truly could use a little help, but we pass it up and say.. "next time." And I'm guilty for this as well! But we have to remind ourselves, that in the midst of our wonderful and blessed lives, there are people who are suffering or who are going through really tough times, and in order to fulfill ourselves- we must help, as much as we can.

So, christmas is right around the corner and a few weeks ago I was pinning my life away for holiday ideas. Seriously, pinning my life away- this addiction cannot be healthy! Anyway, while I was scrolling down all of these awesome holiday ideas I came across a photo of a young girl opening a shoebox that was wrapped in wrapping paper and it was filled with little toys and goodies. I clicked it right away and discovered this AMAZING and exciting opportunity to brighten a child's day. You fill a shoebox for a boy or girl with toys, books, crayons, candy, and a whole lot more! You get to wrap it up in cute wrapping paper and send them a picture of you and your family as well as a letter. I was ecstatic to find that a drop-off area was SO close to my house, and I bet there are plenty of drop-off locations near your home as well. This year, the collection for shoeboxes ended in mid November, but there is always next year. I strongly encourage people to participate in this, especially those with children. It really brings back the true meaning of Christmas and reminds us that we must give and give and give and give. 
Here is the site! Save it for next year: Operation Christmas Child

xoxo, Tonka Violet

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