Saturday, January 5, 2013

Handmade Christmas Card

I so desperately need a REAL camera, this iPhone is not cutting it. And clearly does not justify many of my creations. Bleh. College problems.

Anyway, I bought the card paper at Joann's. I had the lace and the twine at home. The "joy" quote was a part of a little scrapbooking packet that I had found on sale at Joann's as well. There are so many adorable and fun cards that you can purchase at any store, but I love the idea of homemade and handmade EVERYTHING! I had to give the card-making a try, and I must say I will probably never buy a card again. It is very personal and meaningful when you put real effort and creativity into a little project like this- little things like this are truly keepsake and thoughtful. 

Tonka Violet

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