Monday, March 5, 2012

Valentine's Day Treats

Spoil your valentine! :o)

The peanut butter cookies are the same recipe as the ones I made for christmas. I just bought Dove chocolate hearts instead!

The pretzels were super easy too, just a little messy.

You can buy chocolate or white chocolate baking chips. White chocolate hardens much faster, so if you use that, when you melt it in the microwave, add a little veggie oil (or olive or sunflower is fine), just so that it won't harden as quick.

Dip each pretzel rod into the chocolate and use a spoon to spread it evenly all over. (I ran out of wax paper so I had to suffer without!) And lay a piece of wax paper across a cookie sheet. Immediately add your sprinkles so they harden onto the pretzels. (I got super exited with sprinkles and bought tons hehe)

I also used leftover pink candy melts that my sister had and melted them. Then I put it into a little ziplock bag, cut the tip off and drizzled the pink across a few of the pretzels. 

It turned out real cute! Your valentine will definitely appreciate :-)

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